Food Pantry

Sophia's Kitchen now has a 24 hour a day - 7 day a week emergency food pantry.

 sophia kitchen

Providing a sack lunch and beverages five days a week isn’t enough at Sophia’s Kitchen.  It is important to serve people in the way they need, not in the way that works best for the sandwich program.  

A survey of the patrons taken in June 2017 gave the staff and volunteers at Sophia’s Kitchen a better idea of how to better serve our patrons.  One of the things that had been mentioned several times was often it is much more difficult on the weekends to get food. We addressed the issue by establishing a Little Free Pantry beside the main doors of Sophia’s Kitchen, which is located in the parish hall of St. Joseph Church, 103 Richard Pryor Place. It is stocked with nutritionally dense foods such as Nutri-Grain bars, nuts, nut butters, cans of soup, fruit, applesauce, and pouches of tuna.

Patrons can come and get whatever they want, whenever they want.

Some people have been concerned that people would clean out the cabinet, leaving the most vulnerable hungry. That has not been the case, however. In fact, people stop by and make certain the pantry is stocked.  Signs are also posted that ask people to remember that these items are for people who are facing an emergency.  We have found people are very gracious about that and are taking exactly what they need and they’re always leaving a little bit more for someone else.  We try to stock pre-wrapped silverware — the kind you might find at fast food restaurants. That way people have a fork or a spoon if they need it.

Over the winter months, new gloves and socks would be a welcome addition.  Consider driving by and dropping off something for those in need.  If you cannot make it here, would you consider a donation? just click the "support our mission" button.