Sacred Heart

“Wow! All of our guests were so in love with the church. The church is absolutely gorgeous. Everything about our day was perfect! If you aren't blown away by the beauty of the church, you will be blown away by the people who help coordinate your day. The wedding team is amazing. They will help you plan everything! Your timeline will be perfect and there is nothing to worry about. We were able to get to know our priest through RCIA classes, which made for a more personable ceremony (we loved going through the classes together). Our priest even made it easy for non-Catholics to know what to do when taking communion. Often times people worry about not knowing what to do in a new church, but he made it so easy for everyone to feel comfortable. We wouldn't change a single thing about our wedding at Sacred Heart Church! It was our dream wedding and we loved being a part of such a great parish. Also we highly recommend doing a grand exit. It makes for pretty pictures and it's so fun to see all your guests cheering for your marriage. 

Jeremy & Megan Wasilewski  6/15/19

Sacred Heart Church

As a couple, we’ve been to Sacred Heart only a few times but each time we were there it was an awe-filled and God-focused experience. From the picture of the Sacred Heart before the altar to kneeling on the Communion rail to receive the Body, we knew that this was the place God meant for us to celebrate our marriage.  When we were dating, we visited Sacred Heart and prayed for our relationship before the statue of Mary in the vestibule. Unsure of our future together, we let God take control and a year or so later we find ourselves getting married at Sacred Heart. We are so blessed to have received the Sacrament of Matrimony at Sacred Heart and we pray only the best for all those who wish to do the same.

Ryan and Summer Kennedy 6/8/19

Sacred Heart Church

While we are out-of-towners the church made us feel right at home.  The staff was on top of things and gave us perfect expectations on what to expect.  The church looked very beautiful and couldn't have been a better experience.  We highly recommend this church as a venue for a wedding ceremony. 

Ashley and Joel Czernecki - Sacred Heart 5/18/19

St. Mary's Cathedral

From the informational meeting with Georgette, as a newly engaged couple struggling to plan the small details, to the grand exit as newlywed’s, St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Wedding Team was fantastic. As a young couple, all of the decisions we had to make were very intimidating and stressful at times. However, our choice to use St. Mary’s Cathedral for our wedding ceremony was a great decision. Not only is this the most beautiful church in the area, but everyone we worked with was extremely accommodating. Something simple that really stood out to us was the separate prayers that were laid out in the Bride’s Room and the Groom’s Room for each of us to read before the ceremony. This small touch really reminded us that this ceremony isn’t about the beauty of the church, or the beauty of the bride, but the beauty of uniting two people together under God’s love.  

Sarah and AJ Peterson - St. Mary's Cathedral 5/18/19

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart was the perfect location for us to take this next step in our journey of life and our journey with God. The wedding team helped to make our special day perfect and we could not have been happier with how our ceremony turned out!

Caleb and Megan Aeschliman – Sacred Heart Church 5/4/19

Sacred Heart

Thank you for all of your help! It was such a wonderful, beautiful, smooth ceremony. We were able to be totally in the moment. We received so many comments on the beauty of the church, the music, the ceremony, everything!  A number of our non-Catholic attendees described it as a 'Hollywood Production'. There were so many moving parts that ran so smoothly and so beautifully. All thanks to you!

Luc Joseph & Lauren Stockton 11/3/18

Sacred Heart

We absolutely loved Sacred Heart and how our wedding unfolded in this beautiful church right after Christmas. It was beautifully lit and decorated after celebrating Christmas earlier in the week, and it was a pleasure working with Georgette and the rest of the wedding team. 

Tricia Shadid & Luke Starkey - 12/29/18

Sacred Heart

I'm very happy to have chosen Sacred Heart for my wedding ceremony. The church is a great size, is centrally located, and is so beautiful it does not need to be decorated. The assistance I received from Georgette Williams, my wedding assistant, and Father Millar in planning/executing all the details of my ceremony was outstanding and made my experience less stressful and more enjoyable. 

Vanessa Meneses & Ben LaHood - 11/3/18

Sacred Heart

The thing that we liked best was the ability to have confidence all of the planning for the wedding ceremony was essentially taken care of - We only had to pick the music from a good variety of selections, pick our readings we thought were appropriate for our wedding or passages we liked, and then who was going to participate (grandparent seatings, ushers, bridal party) -  everything else was handled externally to make sure people were showing up and where they would be by a combination of Georgette, Therese, and Jon. We were extremely pleased with the entire wedding team. All of them had professional knowledge, and more importantly, professional courtesy to answer questions respectfully as well as quickly. Wedding planning can get stressful at times, and the fast response times of all of the Wedding Team both in planning and on the Wedding Day were top notch! We received many compliments from our guests about the beauty of the ceremony, how well it was organized, and how thankful they were to be a part of our special day. We think Heart of Peoria Catholic Community has a really great handle on the services they provide and are clear and helpful as resources for the services they do not arrange as well. 

Charles Fischbach and Katelyn Isbell - 11/17/18

Sacred Heart

We have been in love with the church since we first saw it. It’s beautiful. We also really enjoyed getting to know Fr. Jim. He was so easy to talk to, and very relatable. He really helped make our wedding. 

Sarah Harmison and Bryce Clonch - 11/10/18

Sacred Heart

The church is gorgeous, the music was phenomenal, and we really enjoyed working with Fr. Jim and were very blessed to have him perform our marriage ceremony.  The whole wedding team was so great. We are especially thankful for all of your help, Georgette. Leading up to the wedding it was so nice to have your reminders of when we needed to complete things off of our checklist. Thank you for coordinating all the details on the wedding day so that we wouldn't accidentally run into each other before the Mass. All the little and big things you did to ensure the day went smoothly...We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you! 

Theresa Axelson and Ryan McDonald - 10/13/18

Sacred Heart

The church coordinators were VERY organized and made the entire process very easy. The church was beautiful! Everyone was very helpful! We loved working with Georgette! She was very responsive and replied back to us immediately with all of our questions. We are no longer local to Peoria, but she was very accommodating with our meetings via the phone. Everyone was also very willing to take time out of their evenings to speak with us over the phone, which helped a ton! 

Molly Ryba and Tyler Fiddes - 9/8/18

Sacred Heart

We loved having our ceremony at Sacred Heart! The church is gorgeous. Fr. Millar and Therese were wonderful at walking us through everything and making us comfortable throughout the entire thing. We had a great experience and everyone was wonderful to work with! The day ran very smoothly- everything was very well organized and on time! It was great! 

Courtney Morsch and Zac Capelle - 8/18/18

St. Mary's Cathedral

Our wedding day was perfect, in every way, thanks to Father Jim, Georgette, and the staff at St. Mary’s Cathedral. We highly recommend St. Mary’s Cathedral for your future wedding and God bless! 

Jim and Sara Vershaw – Peoria, IL 7/27/18

Sacred Heart

From start to finish, I had a wonderful experience planning my wedding Mass at Sacred Heart. My husband and I have a devotion to the Sacred Heart and I grew up going to daily mass here over the years. We couldn't imagine a more fitting place to be married.  Everyone involved went above and beyond to help make all my special touches a reality. And it put me at ease knowing our wedding coordinator would be there to make sure the wedding day went smoothly. I didn't have to worry and that was a huge weight lifted! I had the wedding Mass of my dreams thanks to everyone's help at Sacred Heart.

Shirley Plaag and Stephen Yaich - 7/14/18

St. Mary's Cathedral

Everyone that helped or played a part in our wedding that day were amazing!! I can't thank all of them enough for the wonderful job they did.  Therese was particularly helpful in keeping me calm.  The music was wonderfully planned and played.  Father Jim was great at guiding us through the ceremony.  The actual wedding was the best part of our day!!!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful service and love shown to us :) 

Lisa Livingston and Chad Olson - 7/7/18

St. Joseph

We loved our wedding at St. Joseph Church!  The wedding team really helped us make sure that everything was organized and settled before the day, and they kept things running smoothly throughout; their guidance was extremely valuable.  My mind (as the bride) was definitely put at ease knowing that they also wanted our wedding to go well and were working to make that happen (and that they wouldn't let me forget about any crucial arrangements for the ceremony)!  On top of that, the musicians they provided were spectacular and truly added to the magic of our wedding.  We were thrilled with how the ceremony played out! 

Michelle Williams and Tim Beetler - 7/7/18

Sacred Heart

We highly recommend Sacred Heart for Catholic weddings.  The planning process was very simple and their wedding team guided us through everything.  They do many weddings and are very good at it.  It was nice not to have to worry about coordinating the organist, cantor, sacristan, etc. The church is beautiful and didn't require any decoration.  We've had many guests tell us how it was one of the most beautiful Masses they've attended. Thank you, 

Bernard and Jamie Murphy - Dunlap, Illinois 6/9/18

Sacred Heart

We loved having our Wedding at Sacred Heart Church. Georgette and Therese were so accommodating. We had no worries that our Wedding was going to be great and go smooth. Sacred Heart is a beautiful church, couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else.

Sean & Sondra Schaffer - 6/9/18

Sacred Heart

We were very honored to be married at Sacred Heart.  The ceremony was beautiful, as was the church.  What a wonderful beginning for our marriage journey. 

Laura (Schuler) Kautz - Chicago, Illinois

St. Mary's Cathedral

Our wedding was as close to being perfect as a wedding can be.  It was run very smoothly by our wedding administrator.  Everyone worked really well together to make it come together.  The organist and music director were very professional and very accommodating.  They worked very well with our cantors. We could not have asked for anything more from all of the Wedding team.  It relieved a lot of our stress and which was good since we had enough butterflies already.We think everything went really well.  We cannot think of anything specific where there were shortcoming on the part of the wedding staff.  Thanks for everything,

Rob Siwak and Jennah Siwak - Libertyville, Illinois

Sacred Heart

We are beyond pleased and extremely happy with our choice of Sacred Heart. Fr Millar, Phil and Katie were great to work with and all the efforts helped make the day truly special.  

Jessica and Mike Carroll - Chicago, Illinois

Sacred Heart

I loved having Sacred Heart Church as the setting for the wedding of my son and his beautiful bride.  There is a whole team ready and willing to help make the day memorable in a wonderful way. Regardless of the multitude of issues/decisions involved in preparing for a wedding/marriage, I appreciated knowing that the church and the ceremony would be beautiful.

Mother of the Groom Diane (wedding of Deverly & Steve Hahn - Las Vegas, NV)

St. Bernard

St. Bernard’s Church has a lot of meaning to our family and we were so happy to be able to have the wedding there.  Georgette Williams was wonderful to work with.  She was very “calming” to the entire family and bridal party the day of the ceremony.  As the Mother of the Bride I thought everything was wonderful!!

Mother of the Bride Angie Aeschliman (wedding of Sarah Aeschliman and Joseph Frakes - Washington, IL)

Sacred Heart Church

We absolutely loved working with the staff at Sacred Heart! After touring almost every Catholic Church in Peoria, Sacred Heart was our last stop. We fell in love instantly with the beauty of the church. It was the perfect size for our crowd of 250 guests. Our pictures turned out beautifully and the music sounded amazing with the organ. The staff at Sacred Heart is amazing and very accommodating to make sure our day was exactly like we dreamed about. Thank you to everyone at Sacred Heart for helping make our wedding day a perfect day for us.  Georgette, thank you again for everything you did for us. You really did make our day absolutely perfect! We appreciate all of your extra work and time you put in to helping us out with everything. 

Sean & Michelle Hayes - Decatur, Illinois

St. Joseph Church

It was easy planning our wedding ceremony at St. Joseph Church.  It is not the church we attend, but we were drawn towards the beauty of the church for our wedding.  We loved working with our wedding assistant.  She provided all the information we needed and was a great help on the day of our wedding.  The organist and cantor provided beautiful music and we were able to determine the music selections over email.

We decided on St. Joseph church before contacting the church, but once we reached out to the church they were helpful in selecting a wedding date and providing the information on next steps.  We were given a tour of the church and our wedding assistant met with us to review the requirements and details for our wedding day.  Because of all the information provided our wedding rehearsal and day went so smoothly.  The church was so beautiful that we did not need any extra decoration and it looked great in pictures. 

Stacey & Jonathan O’Bryan - Peoria, Illinois