Our Communities

Welcome to our community! If you are new to Peoria, looking for a faith-family to call home, or just curious about the message of Jesus Christ - you are welcome in our churches!  We have four beautiful churches spread across the neighborhoods of the historic heart of Peoria.  Our outreach to the hungry - Sophia's Kitchen - feeds hundreds of our brothers and sisters every day.  The Missionary of Charities Sisters - Mother Teresa's community - evangelize our streets and our families.  

Parish Office: Heart of Peoria Catholic Community

504 Fulton St., Peoria, IL  61602



Cathedral of St. Mary - 607 NE Madison Ave., Peoria, IL

Sacred Heart - 504 Fulton St., Peoria, IL

St. Bernard -509 E. Kansas St., Peoria, IL

St. Joseph -103 Richard Pryor Pl., Peoria, IL

Sophia's Kitchen - 105 N. Richard Pryor Place, Peoria, IL

Missionaries of Charity -506 Hancock St., Peoria, IL