Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests uploads


It is so important that we pray for each other.  Every Sunday, one of the Masses is always offered for the needs of all our parishioners.  Our community is also united in a Prayer Chain.  Click  HERE  and send your intentions to our prayer chain coordinator.  And we always need more “prayer warriors.”  Contact our coordinator to join the prayer chain and offer your prayers for the needs of our community.


It is also an ancient tradition of the Church to have Masses said for special intentions, especially for the souls of the faithful departed.  Mass can also be offered for special intentions, for birthdays, anniversaries, in thanksgiving, or for any need. Click  HERE  to email Jenny, our parish secretary, to request a Mass intention.


Lighting a vigil candle in church is also a beautiful symbol of the constancy of prayer.  While I cannot linger long in prayer, that little candle is a symbol of my prayer, in vigil before the Lord.  All four of our historic churches offer vigil candles.  If you would like us to light a candle for your intention, click the "Support Our Mission" button, select the church, a leave your intention in the “memo” line.  If you are praying for someone special, leave their contact information and we will send them a note to let them know you are praying for them.  button