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Sophia’s Kitchen Guest Survey - July 2021

Sophia’s Kitchen conducted a survey of 300 adult guests during the last two weeks of June 2021. Volunteers assisted Methodist nursing students in completing 20 questions on the survey. We currently serve an average of 208 guests each day, for an average of 4130 guests a month. Factoring in repeat customers, we estimate 3,469 unique individuals come monthly to Sophia’s Kitchen.

84% of those surveyed rate the food at excellent or very good

93% feel well respected by volunteers

Most guests eat at Sophia’s Kitchen two or 3 times a week. 61 guests of 300 eat here every day.

45% walk to Sophia’s Kitchen. 44% arrive in a car. Only 5% use public transportation.

Financial difficulties (44%) bring most people to Sophia’s Kitchen. 13% have no way to cook food at the place they stay. 16% replied OTHER. Many said they come for the social experience.

Gender: 167 males and 128 females. 5 refused to answer.

109 children under 18 years old were served during the survey time frame.


18% are 19 to 29 years old

50% are 30 to 55 years old

21% are 56 to 64 years old

10% are 65 or older


7- American Indian/Alaskan Native

1- Asian/Pacific Islander

166- Black/African American

6- Hispanic

92- White/Caucasian

14- Multiple ethnicity

21% have not graduated high school. 42% completed high school or a GED. 19% have been to college. 14% hold a college degree.

26% are employed, full or part time. 27% are seeking jobs. 36% are retired or disabled.

44% live in zip code 61605. 14% are from 61604, and 12% from 61603.

58% reported having health conditions.

27 guests are military veterans.

76% of our guests have a home. 12% are homeless. 3% stay in transitional housing.

64% receive SNAP benefits.

92% believe in God.

54% are somewhat to very interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. 38% have little to no interest in learning about Catholicism.

162 guests asked for weekly food pantries. 87 guests want to be able to pick up multiple meals. 46 guests asked to have meals delivered.

Click here for survey results: SURVEY RESULTS

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